Located convenient to downtown Tallahassee, Florida, Oertel, Fernandez, Bryant & Atkinson, P.A. is well situated to efficiently represent the interests of its clients.  We are located minutes away from the Florida Supreme Court, the Florida Capitol building, Leon County Courthouse, Tallahassee City Hall, Florida State University College of Law, the First District Court of Appeal, the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings and the offices of Florida’s state agencies.

In order to attain our client’s goals, we have developed and fostered good working relationships built on trust with many regulatory agencies, including the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the Army Corps of Engineers, Florida’s five Water Management Districts, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, the Agency for Health Care Administration, the Florida Department of Health, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Florida Department of Community Affairs, the Florida Department of Financial Services, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and the Florida Department of Transportation.

The attorneys who comprise Oertel, Fernandez, Bryant & Atkinson, P.A. take great pride in providing high-quality representation to all of their clients.  Please visit the other sections of this website for further information on these attorneys and their specialized practice areas.
Our firm is available to assist you with your legal needs in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

Please note: Often times, there are specific deadlines associated with the action of an agency or your legal issue, and failure to meet a deadline may adversely affect you or result in a waiver of your rights.