Professional Licensure Applications: Our firm has assisted many individuals in obtaining professional licenses. The State of Florida regulates many different types of business professions, including physicians, pharmacists, general contractors, electrical contractors, and realtors. For any person who seeks to engage in profession regulated by the state, the person must first obtain a license prior to engaging in professional activities.  In order to obtain a license to engage in a regulated profession, a person may have to demonstrate knowledge of the profession through an examination, educational courses, or work experience in the industry. Further, many professions require criminal background checks prior to licensure. Sometimes, the license must be approved by that profession’s governing board, which is usually comprised of other professionals from the particular field.  If your goal is to obtain a professional or business license, it may be in your best interest to consult with our office well before filing an application for licensure.  Each license has specific requirements that must be met before you can obtain the license.  In order to meet these requirements, you make need to make a substantial investment prior to filing the application for licensure.  By engaging us early, we can counsel you on the requirements for licensure and the licensure process in an effort to eliminate unnecessary expenses and limit costly delays in the processing of your application.