Student Disciplinary Proceedings: Our firm has experience representing clients in student disciplinary proceedings.

A student accused of misconduct cannot be dismissed from a public school or university without first being provided with due process.  In the context of student disciplinary proceedings, due process requires that the student be notified of the charges against him or her, that the school provide the student with an explanation of the evidence against the student, and that the student be provided with an opportunity to present his or her side of the story.  While these are the minimal due process requirements afforded to students of public schools and universities, often times the student handbook will provide the student with additional due process.  It is important to look to the student handbook to see determine what additional processes are provided for by the school.  The failure to provide a student with due process is a basis for reversing a school’s decision to impose discipline on a student.

A student who is charged with academic failure, as opposed to misconduct, is entitled to significantly less due process.  If you believe the school has improperly characterized the student’s alleged actions as academic failure, you should consult with our office as soon as possible determine what options you may have to protect the student’s due process rights.

Dismissal from a school or university for academic misconduct can have significant long-lasting effects on a student’s academic and professional careers.  It may be in your best interest to consult with our office as soon as you learn of the alleged misconduct to discuss your legal rights.

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